About Us at Capital Hospitality Management

Since its humble beginning in 1978 Capital Hospitality has grown into a fully-integrated owner, designer, developer, and manager of some of the country's most premium brand hotels.

At Capital Hospitality Management, we think like owners, and we manage like owners, because we are owners. Through careful cultivation of our first-hand knowledge, and over nearly three decades, we have both defined and achieved consistent, sustainable growth.

Everything we do at Capital Hospitality Management is grounded in a tradition of reliability, trustworthiness, and a never-ending desire to improve and succeed. Capital Hospitality's highly-accountable leadership team, and our valued associates, are driven to maximize the value of every asset. We are dedicated to attaining premium returns on your investments, significantly cutting your overall costs, achieving unprecedented guest satisfaction, and spawning career growth for your hotel business.

To operate a dedicated and ethical business while remaining competitive as a developer, owner, and operator of leading brand hotels.

To increase the revenue of our clients while cutting their costs and improving overall guest satisfaction.

Trustworthy, Honest, Dedicated, Accountable, Ethical, Growth-Oriented, Competitive.