Hotel Design & Construction

Capital Hospitality Management is a ground-breaking hotel industry leader. Our experienced managers are dedicated to providing fresh, cost-effective design and project management solutions for all of your hotels' new construction and renovation needs. Capital Hospitality offers a full array of design and construction services in four key areas: supply and equipment procurement, design management, project and construction management, and engineering consulting services.


  • Pre-design budgeting
  • Design specs and drawings review
  • Purchase order placement
  • Shipment monitoring/expediting
  • Invoice approval

Interior Design Management

  • Budget preparation
  • Conceptual design
  • Attention to corporate/franchise standards
  • Furniture and fixture selection
  • Post-occupancy follow-up

Project & Construction Management

  • A dedicated staff with an average of thirty years experience
  • Knowledgeable support throughout all phases of construction: pre-construction, construction, and project close-out
  • On-site monitoring and progress reporting provided at regular intervals during construction

Engineering Consultation

  • Proven methodology for optimizing operation
  • Solutions to environmental concerns, including asbestos and mold
  • A proficient understanding of the standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)